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Must KnowTop 10 Lists for First-Year Students

Top 10 Places to Study on Campus
10. In the Residence Halls, of course!
9. In the hallway outside the door of your next class
8. Starbucks
7. Bio-Medical Library
6. Third floor of Coffman Memorial Union
5. Walter Library
4. Wilson Library
3. "The Cube" in Coffman
2. Fireplace Lounge in Coffman
1. On Northrop Mall

Top 10 Things I Wish I Would Have Known Before Coming to Campus
10. I would actually miss my family and friends back home!
9. Getting involved with student groups on campus as soon as possible would allow me to meet new people and make new friends quickly
8. Midterms would be challenging
7. Studying with people from my classes could be fun
6. My roommate and I don't need to be best friends, but just need to respect each other
5. It isn't that hard to meet with a professor
4. There are many resounces in campus to help me with studying
3. I would use all my minutes on my cell phone making late night calls to my family and friends back home
2. I would have fun living in the Residence Halls
1. My first-year would be really exciting

Top 10 Things to do During your First-Year
10. Take a roundtrip (from the West Bank to St. Paul and back again) on the Campus Connector
9. Get Spotted by Goldy at Coffman Memorial Union
8. Eat at every University Dining Service location
7. Attend at least one Gopher sporting event
6. Look into at least one learning abroad program
5. Watch the Price is Right in the Commuter Lounge on the first floor of Coffman
4. Get to know at least one professor
3. Join at least one of the 600+ clubs and student groups
2. Attend an ADFAB meeting
1. Be open to meeting new people and making many new friends!